Pumpernickel & Onion

~ Delicious rich flavor baked right in.

Xtra Dark

~ Baked just a tad longer for an extra hardy taste.

Light Salt

~ Just a few granules to let you know it’s there.

Xtra Salt

~ Enough to make most mouths pucker.

Roasted Garlic

~ Fresh garlic adds zing. Slow baking takes off the bite.

Sesame Seed

~ The nutty taste of sesame wedded to a hearty roasted flavor.

Whole Wheat & Honey

~ A perfect balance of tastes; a touch of sweet, a dash of salt -one terrific pretzel.


~ Trust us, they’re hot!

The Classic

~ The original pretzel. Since 1935

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Due to shipping and handling, some of our delectable pretzels may become broken during transit. We take every packing precaution to ensure that this does not happen. However, we can not guarantee that all pretzels will remain whole and are not responsible for this unfortunate occurrence.