Revonah Pretzels are crafted by people who really care about pretzels. The same people who take the pride in getting them just the right shade of golden brown and perfecting the fine art of the pretzel crunch.

The result is a testament to the Master Baker’s art:

madeMouth-watering because they’re made from Grandpa’s recipe for original sourdough. Rolled and twisted by hand, salted to perfection, then baked and slowly hardened in a heated kiln for hours at a time. Thus, creating that distinctive crunch that tells you it’s hand made.

Our History Is In The Baking

Revonah has been baking delectable pretzels for years. In fact, it was in 1935 that we started baking our wonderfully flavored pretzels and haven’t stopped since. We are part of pretzel history, thanks to the Revonah Twist.

rackRevonah’s Old-Time Pretzel Rack

This is where our Master Bakers let the true sourdough pretzels rise. Taking care in baking them at the exact moment to get that great mouth-watering flavor.

Our Factory

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Due to shipping and handling, some of our delectable pretzels may become broken during transit. We take every packing precaution to ensure that this does not happen. However, we can not guarantee that all pretzels will remain whole and are not responsible for this unfortunate occurrence.